Nourishing Your Body, Mind And Soul To Nu Heights

Revitalize Your Senses And Restore Vibrant Health To Every Cell Of Your Body with Comprehensive Healing That Touches Every Facet Of Your Being All Under One Roof

Holistic, natural health is the intelligent way to approach challenges in your life because your body knows best.

Instead of prescribing a pill for temporary relief, we’ll help you listen to your body. Instead of treating symptoms, we help you remove the root causes of your health challenges.

The result? You’ll be able to take charge of your spiritual, emotional and physical health for the rest of your days.

House Healers

Bringing your mind, body and spirit back into perfect harmony requires a diverse approach. Our House Healers have the tools.

Healing Physical Pain

Pain is nothing more than a signal that something in your body needs attention. We are well-versed in healing strategies using both ancient and leading edge technology, from cold laser therapy to acupuncture, chiropractic, and everything in between.

Aesthetic Solutions

Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand; physical beauty often reflects inner confidence. Our House Healers combine ancient Eastern traditions like cupping with modern Western advances like dermaplaning to enhance your natural attractiveness.

Weight Loss & Fitness

Looking to find your soul with a deep Ashtanga yoga practice? Or sweat and have a blast while spinning and flying from aerial silks? An entire world of spiritually-centered fitness options are available to you at NuHouse.

Nutrition For Your Soul

Strengthen your immune system and body’s natural ability to heal itself through our one-stop vitamin shop and apothecary. We sell Chinese healing herbs, live enzymes, and rare minerals that will create cascading health benefits in every area of your life and open your spirit.

East meets West in the Alley

The house offers balance on bank combining modern sciences with ancient wisdom the delivering you the latest technology under on roof.

Cryotherapy is a cutting edge new holistic therapy used to treat inflammation in the human body. The Greek name suggests "cold cure", and has existed in healing in many forms for countless years. Although it has evolved into this sophisticated system in the present age, it was one of the earliest cures.

Rather than covering up those imperfections, we believe that focusing on the underlying causes is the best way to get skin that truly glows. And that holistic approach to skin health can lead to a happier, healthier you. Only HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate.

The Climb

Soak your taste buds and bathe your cells in nutritionist-approved cold pressed shots, fresh-pressed juices, and organic coffee to take on the go or enjoy mindfully at home.


Enjoy a flavorful splash while your body gets the exquisite nutrients it has been secretly starving for.

Stay & Surf

Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of our open lounge and free wi-fi while you socialize or get some work done.

Custom Juices

It’s all about you. Our all-organic natural produce ingredients are just begging to be liquified into your new favorite concoction.

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