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Health & Wellness in Downtown Easton, Pennsylvania

Our Dedicated Team Of House Healers

“House Healers,” as we call our practitioners, are the heart of our business. They bring the expertise of healing strategies both new and old, as well as their passion for holistic and natural health into these walls and give NuHouse its life and personality.

Ultimately, these are the people ensuring that everyone who comes to NuHouse finds the solutions to all of their health problems and desires. They will help you integrate amazing vigor into every day of your life.

Madison Brown

Tribe lead in Radiance and Rejuvenation

Savanah Michael

Tribe lead in form and function

Michael Lear

Tribe lead in mind and movement

Tonie Chicchi

Founder and Director of Laser and Light

Dr. RJ

Tribe lead in Alignment and Anatomy


Director in Design and Development

Tim McCormick

Tribe lead in Medicine through Meridians

Ashley Guarino

Tribe lead in Artistry and Aesthetics

Adele Lukachek

Founder and Director of Spirit and Soul

Janel Lukachek

Founder and Creator of Vessel and Village

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